Express is founded in Istanbul in 2015 with the collaboration of three brands. SER by Hasan Seremet, Touchline by Taclan Ozum Erk and Tangolon by Mert Emre Ustun. Starting 2017, Hasan Seremet and Taclan Ozum Erk started working together and Vanessa Gauch joined the store with her brands Vanessa Gauch and Tango Practice. Currently Hasan Seremet is the Executive director and Taclan Ozum Erk is the Executive Designer of Express Dance Store

Our Quality

We are pretty much love moving forward and increase quality in our products also happy to be the inspiration for other brands.

Our Motivation

Dancing  is wonderful, but what really motivates and inspired us, is the community.

Our Approach

We love what we do and we put our dance love into our customer service. ,


We help foster it by offering it something of quality and importance by bringing people together around our project at festivals by serving as a bridge between cities and festivals to which we travel to share our love of the dance and the communities which are such an important part of a dancer’s life.

Our Philosophy

By providing beautifully designed an e-commerce dance store to our fellow dancers where they can find anything they want about DANCE—at all levels, from beginners to performers—we are at the heart of the dance community.

Our Brands

We are proud to carry the leading dance brands. SER, TOUCHLINE, VANESSA GAUCH, Tango Practice. All of our products are made with love and made in Turkey.

Hasan Seremet

Hasan Seremet

Executive Director
Taclan Ozum Erk

Taclan Ozum Erk

Executive Designer/Partner

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