We all love the magical moments on the floor. Just like a perfect meal, it will taste delicious if you like it, but don’t forget all the ingredients which helps it to be as perfect as you can imagine. Let’s take a look at the secret heroes who are turning your dancing experience into those magical moments:

Perfect Dance Shoes


Regardless of which dance  you like, shoes will form the most essential part of your dancing experience. Without the right pair, you won’t feel good on the floor. So be sure to get your feet the perfect fit. Luckly you will love what we have for you and your partner of course. Click to see our most comfortable dance shoes.

A Beautiful Dancing Dress

What do you want to express? How are you feeling while you are dancing? How do you want to look on the mirror or how does your audience sees you? All the answers for these questions are hidden in what you wear. Click to find out what we have to find the perfect dress for you to create the best look. All colorful and one of a kind designs are waiting for you in Express Dance Store

Pants For Him and Skirts For Her

dance pantsblue tango pants

As a woman feel comfortable when you dance, let your clothes make your moves visible. Find exactly what you need for any kind of dance you want to perform. Just by a click, you will be amazed by our colorful designs that are available in many size for you to find the perfect one. As a man you deserve high quality pants to show your moves. It should complete the rest of your outfit. So click to find the best dance pants for your size and length.

Now get on the floor and show your moves !

We gave you what you need for your magical dance moments. Put your best clothes on, wear your favorite accessoires and enjoy the music with your partner on the dance floor! Express Dance Store will always be there for you.

dancing couple